It’s A Jubilee!

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Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


Like most artists, I am most happy when I am creating.  When it comes to the selling part it takes a great mental effort to “enjoy” the process.  It is tedious and monotonous to do computer work. Listing and promoting.  Listing and promoting.  Answering emails.  Ordering supplies.  If only a wealthy patron would sponsor me so all I had to do was paint and create all day without even considering the business of selling art.  While I am still waiting for that fantasy to come true, I soothe myself with those moments of utter jubilant joy when I can escape the dirty work and just create.  O.k., painting is dirty too, but a good kind of dirty. 😉  

Please enjoy my latest painting titled “Jubilee”.  It was a real treat to create!  

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