Come visit me in solitude and stay to enjoy the sound of the river flowing gently by as you absorb the stillness and peace.

Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

A Quiet Place Omaste Witkowski

A Quiet Place

I really enjoy parks and recreation and everywhere I go I look for the quiet place to enjoy the peace that nature offers up daily. This spot is a really cool example of a quiet place to sit for a minute and contemplate life. It is also an attractive lunch option if you bring a picnic. Many moments have been spent by the banks of the Methow River and summer days are enjoyed as the shade of the trees and the structure provide a respite from the afternoon heat and sunshine. The local swimming pool is not far away and the cleansing waters of the river tinkle softly as it flows by. Taking a break from my day I capture a moment in time that I can savor and remember.

Our local parks are a gift to all of us. We can gather there in groups or…

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