Charlie & Norma Brock Photographers Extraordinaire

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


I have been talking an awful lot about myself lately and have decided that this week will be dedicated to others.  I want to share some amazing photographers with you.  First up are Charlie and Norma Brock of Avinger, TX.  I first had the pleasure of meeting these two through a support group for artists/photographers.  Not only are their images exceptional they are both just super nice people.  Their inner compassion shows through in their work.  I asked them the following questions so we can all learn more:

What inspires your works?  A passion to see things that others overlook…the beauty in ordinary or obscure things.

Which of your photographs is your favorite?  Reflections – a sunken boat filled with the reflection of a cloudy sky. It was taken near Clifden, County Galway, Ireland in 2007, during a fantastic holiday on the Emerald Isle.

Is there a photographer you relate…

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