Passionate Photography by Zina Zinchik

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings



Many people these days take pretty pictures.  Digital photography makes it easier and easier to get stunning imagery. However, most of these attractive photos do not create an emotion or make you think.  True art comes from a technical aspect and even more so from a great eye and heart.  Zina Zinchik is one artist who has both of these qualities.  When I look at her work I can “feel” the emotion behind it.  I can see that she is meticulous at setting up her shots, but also that she makes a story as she does so.

I caught up with Zina recently to learn more about her work.  Here are her answers:

What inspires your works? Photography for me opened the doors to share my fantasies, my anxieties and my emotions with people. 

Which of your photographs is your favorite? My favorite is Night Sonata which was taken…

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