Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


What is it with cats online?  We seem to have an extreme fascination with them…..cartoon cats…serious kitties….cats with cool fur….ugly cats…pretty cats…hairless cats….kittens of every color.  Cats!!  I am now more of a dog person, but I have had my share of feline’s in my lifetime.  Growing up we had “barn cats” that kept the rodents out of the horse’s food. I also had my own personal house cat named K.C. May who picked my sock drawer to have kittens in.  She lived to be 16 and was a Manx.  I loved her dearly and had a hard time when she passed because I was 18 and had her my entire childhood.  These days I prefer the online versions….so many to choose from and no kitty litter to clean up. 🙂   Enjoy some of my most popular kitties here:




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