Honest S.E.X.Y….

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Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings



Good ol’ Honest Abe.  It is interesting how artists over the years have fixated on certain historic or iconic figures as subject for many creative pieces.  I have a few that I come back to over and over again. Abraham Lincoln is one of them.  Presidents who get assassinated seem to really “stick” with us, but that is not the allure.  He was not a handsome man by any standards, but there is something about his eyes, nose and long face that just says “calm assertiveness”.  And that is sexy!  His features were very prominent and strong which also has appeal.  Lots of contrast to work with. A perfect playground for an artist!  I know when I watch movies, I am always most attracted to strong men with “presence” regardless of their looks….that is what Abe had….”A presence”…..And that alone is enough to get the temperature up a degree…

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