It HURTS…Thank you.

Never let disappointment overshadow your gratitude….life is good!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings



It hurts when an artist has a painting returned.  For me it is very rare.  In fact, I can count on my hands the returns I’ve had in 10 years!  Considering I have shipped out over 3000 originals, those are pretty good statistics.  The piece you see here was returned recently.  That stings bad enough, but the people were nasty and mean about it.  They said it was ugly in person and that I didn’t do a good job in creating it.  They saw it as a “product” and not an expression of joy and creation.  They treated it like something they bought at Target.  I knew in my heart that they were just unhappy people inside and that nothing would satisfy them.  There would be no art from any artist good enough for them.  But it still hurt. I also knew that one day this painting…

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