artist date

Went on an artist date today.  Dressed in clothes that make me feel cute, I walked and thought, and dreamed, and changed. I changed.  Something has been shifting lately, and it’s connected to the center of all that I am and all that I have been.  The foundation I have been standing on my whole life is giving way to a new idea, a new awareness of what life can be. Today, in my walking and dreaming, the outlines became much more bold.

That which was once a nice idea is now no longer on the table for discussion.  I’m not negotiating with god.

The old story cracks, crumbles and collapses.

Guilt scampers into a mouse hole.

The queen in me that knows how to rule, is standing up.  She is going to set things straight.

My heart comes alive where there is protection.  Today I protect myself against…

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