I’ve Got A Nice Pair…

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Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings




Of pears….. My pears have always been popular.  People love to stare at them.  I used to keep my fruit to myself, but now thousands of people all over the World have my ripe beauties in their homes and offices.  It’s even o.k. to touch them.  My husband doesn’t mind. 😉  

In fact I have more than one set of this deliciously beautiful fruit.  They come in different sizes from extra large to itty bitty.  When someone asked me recently if I had any pears with blue, gray and yellow, I realized that one was just waiting to be created.  Please enjoy my latest piece titled “A Nice Pear” above.

And take a look at my first pear titled “Golden Pear” below:




You cannot go wrong.  Grab a pair today!

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