For The Birds…

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Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


I got a call on Friday while my husband and I were on a photo shoot in St. Petersburg, Florida.  We were capturing images of the beautiful birds that call our state home.  Pelicans and blue herons mostly.  The call was timely as it came from one of my licensing agents who had just completed a trade show in Atlanta, Georgia.  Her voice was hoarse and weak from all of the talking she had to endure, but she couldn’t wait to give me the news.  They had taken a handful of my animal pieces for display and got a tremendous response from buying agents for zoos, aquariums and museums from around the country.  I was specifically excited to hear that the San Diego Zoo was interested in my work!  More animals she says…….and that is exactly what I was working on! Serendipity is definitely “for the birds”. 🙂

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