Have You Been Here?

Have You Been Here?…………………………………………#maps #travel #wallmaps #worldmaps by Sharon Cummings

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings




I get asked that question often.  A lot of people I know love to travel.  My In-Laws just got back from Africa recently.  A good friend had an adventure in Cuba last month. My husband lived in Indonesia for a few years.  And the list goes on.  I like the “idea” of traveling more than the actual experience. I love to “see” the world and wish there was a way to beam myself to various locals just long enough to take it in.  Bypassing the long flights, nasty airports, restrooms….sleeping in strange place.  Odd food.  I am not exactly a homebody though.  I’ve been to a few places as far away as Hawaii which is pretty far considering I live in Florida.  And I have been to many cities all over the United States, but I have never been to another country.  I’ve got plans…..  I know it…

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