Eternal Light….Does It Exist?

Eternal Light – Energy Art By Sharon Cummings Painting by Sharon Cummings #abstractart #colorfulart #buyart #orangeandblue

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


When I created this piece for my new “Transforming Energy” series there was something about it’s glow that made me feel eternal and full of light.  So I named it “Eternal Light”.  This morning as I set out to write my blog, I did a little Goggling and discovered that there is such a thing. A peak of eternal light (PEL) is a point on a body within the Solar System which is always in sunlight. Such a peak must have high altitude and be on a body with very small axial tilt. The existence of such peaks was first postulated by Beer and Mädler in 1837. The pair said of the lunar polar mountains, “…many of these peaks have (with the exception of eclipses caused by the Earth) eternal sunshine. (taken from Wikipedia.)

So there are places in our solar system that have sunshine constantly…

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