Lots Of New Paintings Despite The Crazy New Puppy

Beautiful work Laura! I love your woman here…..just gorgeous!

Laura Carter Art

So I’ve managed to get quite a few new paintings done in the past couple of weeks. It hasn’t been easy though since our new puppy Bosco the Boxer seems to follow me everywhere. I’ve been doing a lot of my painting outside lately, I’m trying to keep the mess down in the house as well as get some fresh air. But it’s been a struggle carting the supplies out and holding a puppies leash tight in my fist while he jumps up and down (literally) with excitement. It must look comical to anyone watching as I dodge his jumps and trip over his leash, paint tubes falling, my expression grim as I try my best not to yell at the dog. The dog that wants nothing more then my love and attention, and possibly my hand to lick relentlessly. 

So despite the puppy and all his activity here are my…

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