P.E.A.C.O.C.K. Love!

Love P.E.A.C.O.C.K. Feathers?………………………………………….. #peacocks #peacockfeathers

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


When I was a little girl growing up in Myakka City, FL, there was a neighbor just down the road who raised peacocks.  These creatures are surprisingly loud and when the wind was just right, our yard would be filled with their haunting cries.  I would sometimes take the back pastures over to their farm.  I had to go through a handful of barbed wire fences which is something I became an expert at.  I would greet  the cows being careful not to irritate any of the bulls.  I would inevitably pick some wild flowers, but it was the sight of of those brilliant feathers I was after.  The males with their jewel colored plumes always mesmerized me.  Once in awhile I would get lucky and one of the fowl would have strayed close to the fence and lost a feather.  This was the grand prize!





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