Spring Flowers


Carrie Cole Photography

The Spring always brings a huge variety of spring flowers adding joy to our walks around the neighbourhood.  With my recent purchase of an old film camera, I was anxious to shoot some flowers around the neighbourhood to see how they would come out. Here’s a photo, shot on Pentax Spotmatic SPII with 55mm 1.4:

Poppy Madness

I love the look of film and how it forces you to slow down and be deliberate about your shooting, so I will definitely shoot more of it. I found this quote and it sums up how shooting film makes you feel:

“It means you appreciate the details, the nuances, and subtleties of your craft. It says that in a manic world that designs everything to be faster, you’re not afraid to slow down, to focus, to plan, and to trust yourself when you press the shutter.”

An added bonus is with an adapter like

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