In Search Of Waterlily Pollen

Stunning capture!

Priya Ghose Photography

In Search Of Waterlily Pollen

A honeybee flies toward a luscious tropical waterlily, anticipating its rich and exotic pollen

It’s always exciting when two of my favorite photography subjects come together, and this was one instance where I ran into such luck. A bee and a waterlily in the same photograph is quite exciting to an avid bee stalker like myself, as I’ve also been known to spend hours sticking my macro lens into the various tropical waterlilies which grow in my small garden ponds. Some days the bees go nuts for the waterlily pollen, and then there are long periods of time where they show no interest at all. Given that my garden is primarily planted for pollinators, they do have a lot of options in the flower department…but it always makes me happy to see them on my favorite flower – the tropical waterlily.

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