Have No F.E.A.R…

Have No Fear………………………….. #art #abstractart

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


Don’t be afraid.  It’s only color.  I have to smile really big whenever I sell one of my bold mega colorful paintings.  It lets me know that someone out there has the assertiveness to go with a piece that yells from the walls, “Look at me!!!”  It is even more satisfying when it is an abstract.  Abstracts make most people uncomfortable.  Some will say that they just do not understand abstract art.  There is good news!  You do not have to.  You just have to like it and have the courage to allow yourself to enjoy it.  I do not understand how an opal is formed, but I know it’s beautiful.  I do not understand how a beetle has such iridescence in it’s shell, but I know it is stunning.  I do not understand how the human eye has all of those amazing patterns, but enjoy looking at them.  A…

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