A Tale Of Two K.O.I…

A Tale Of Two K.O.I…………………….. #koi #fish

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


I am often asked by people if I have prints of certain paintings in my archives.  So often, I do not.  Ten plus years ago when I started painting and selling my art for a career, I did not have a camera that could take pictures with high enough resolution to produce quality prints.  I am lucky to get small prints of some.  A few have been successfully digitally remastered as well.  But my “Koi” were a no go on both fronts.  The piece above has been very popular for me as a commission and I absolutely enjoy painting them!  However, I wanted to be able to create prints as well.  So I painted one specifically for this purpose.  Now this piece can be enjoyed in a massive size!  Enjoi the koi!






Koi Fish Prints Art Paintings Animals

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