Sharon Cummings, Painter etc.!

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From 1 Artist 2 Another

Sharon Cummings is an artist’s artist!

She seems to have limitless energy and a deep and beautiful capacity to share her beautiful work with the world – yet still have time to nurture and help other artists venturing onto the internet. I’ve known Sharon for a year now and have the best to say about the quality of her work and her capacity to bring positive energy into everyone’s lives! Sharon is everywhere on the social media circuit, having been a forerunner of the new “digital age artist“. You can start out by finding her on the blog link below. From there you can locate her social media and gallery links under the “Social Media” located at the top of her colorful blog!

Artist Statement: Thank you for your interest in me and my artwork.  I live in sunny Tampa, Florida with my loving husband, beautiful daughter and…

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