Jo Ann Tomaselli, Photographer

Jo Ann Tomaselli, Photographer…………………………. #photography #art

From 1 Artist 2 Another

Jo Ann Tomaselli, Photographer –  by Sharon Cummings, former featured artist

I have always been drawn to exceptional photography.  When I had the great opportunity to discover Jo Ann Tomaselli’s work, I was delighted.  Her artistry encompasses many subject matter including landscapes, still life, conceptual and floral.  However, it is her portraits that I find absolutely riveting.  She has a way of capturing a person’s soul with her camera lens. The eyes tell a story and Jo Ann is there to capture it.  Since I have had the pleasure of meeting this photographer in person on several occasions, it is obvious to me why she can capture so much with her lens.  She is a highly intuitive person with great compassion and skill.  Her spirituality shines through in all that she does and says.  She is a light and her work reflects this.  We have been on two photo shoots…

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