Portuguese Squill, Up Close And Personal

Priya Ghose Photography

Portuguese Squill, Up Close And Personal

Tiny vivid blue flowers with fluffy lemon yellow pollen adorn the Portuguese Squill plant, Scilla peruviana.

Alright, I admit it – I have an obsession with my macro lenses. What an amazing way to view the world! I love using them to spy on various unsuspecting bees and other insects, and I also spend a lot of time peering into the hidden depths of pollen-rich flowers and admiring delicately veined leaves and petals. Given that my love of photography blossomed out of a desire to document my gardening obsession, it’s only natural that my passion for my flowering friends remains a staple of my photography. The local nurseries are used to seeing me wander around their inventory, camera in hand. However, they don’t seem to mind too much, especially because I usually find a plant or two that I can’t resist bringing home to my tiny garden.

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