Cornelis Verwaal, photographer


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cornelis verwaalI first discovered Cornelis Verwaal in 2013. I was instantly drawn in to his work, his sensibilities. What is it about Cornelis that made him stand out from so many other New York photographers?

Is it his uncanny ability to find “the decisive moment” in the vein of Henri Cartier-Bresson? Is it his mastery of light and shadow, of composition? Perhaps. Or perhaps its the way he affirms the humanity of us all and does it in the midst of one of the most populous, hurried, compact cities in the world. People on their cell phones, people proposing, people singing and playing instruments, people eating lunch or pondering modern art. Even when viewing Cornelis’ exceptional architectural photography you sense the people who inhabit New York’s structures, streets and stairways. You see signs of them all around, even when they are not seen.

Thank you Cornelis for so graciously…

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