The B.E.S.T. Compliment I’ve Ever Gotten…

Sometimes the nasty comments are actually compliments! The B.E.S.T. compliment an artist can get!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


When I decided to open up my 25 year old portfolios to the World, there was a sense of vulnerability that came with it.  I’ve been a professional artist for around 12 years now, so that leaves 13 years unaccounted for.  During that time, I worked on a Phd. in Holistic Nutrition and I was a personal trainer/nutritional consultant.  That is a long story, but here I am today making a living doing what I have always loved!

While I have greatly appreciated all of the positive feedback I have gotten from my fans, friends and collectors, it is a comment from a stranger that sticks out the most.  This person said that my pen and ink work is fake and Photoshop artistry.  This person meant to be mean and nasty, but what I realize now is that it is the BEST compliment I have ever received on my art…

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