Week-End Labor of L-o-V-e!

Beautifully moving Jo Ann!

Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Visual & Verbal Reflections

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Father and Son Beach Walk by Jo Ann Tomaselli


Hopefully this week-end you’ll be doing something fun like walking on the beach with a loved one ~ or loved ‘thing’ like your camera!

Sunrise on the beach is a wonderful time to take photographs.

The heat of the day is not yet evident, the blue of the sky is still a promise and as the rising sun breaks the horizon, the sand, the sea and the ocean are painted in hues of yellow gold and brown.

Shooting directly into the sun, the camera exposes for the sky and whatever is in the foreground, in this case a father and his son, are rendered in silhouette.

Enjoy your weekend ~ where-ever you are and what-ever your doing!

Happy Labor Day!

Jo Ann


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