Jeremiah La Plante, photographer

From 1 Artist 2 Another

“Photography is a side hobby of mine that also doubles as a secret passion.”

jerryofcali_1404268182_02Jeremiah La Plante, photographer

Quite recently and by happenstance I found Jeremiah on the expansive terrain of wordpress. I immediately was drawn into his world. I search for some way to verbalize what I feel when I look through his photographs. I know these places he photographs as I live near them. He takes the commonplace and finds a transcendental essence. Something akin to the french term “sui generis” – an exception to the rule, another reality. When you visit Jeremiah’s google site (link follows) you will find a beautifully written article on the French photographer Eugene Atget. Reading about this remarkable photographer, working in the 1890’s. will give you further insight to Jeremiah’s sensibilities. Link:

Artist Statement:

I may have been born in San Diego, but I am a Londoner at heart…or whatever city…

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