Moon of Love

Ramblings From Jewels


Moon of love shining so bright

you’re a magical, mystical, wondrous sight!


© Julie Rehnelt 2014




You know how I always say that I can’t photograph the moon to save my life, but that I just can’t give up trying to anyway because I love the moon so much?  Well, during the last full moon I gave it yet another try, I just couldn’t resist, it was looking so amazing, and the way the clouds were drifting past its lovely face all mysterious-like really added to its allure.

Well, of course… it was another fail.  Without the correct type of camera (not to mention a tripod for steadiness), I guess I expected that, but I can’t truly be disappointed about this particular one “not turning out,” because I’m just tickled how in its discombobulation it ended up making a heart shape!  ❤

Even though I can’t…

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