Deadliest Catch or Fish on a Stick ?

Beautiful capture and great food for thought!

Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Visual & Verbal Reflections

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Deadliest Catch or Fish on a Stick? by Jo Ann Tomaselli


Catching itty-bitty catfish by net may not be as dangerous or exciting as the antics of the crew in the hit TV show ‘Deadliest Catch’ but in a small Cambodian river village on the Mekong Delta, catching fish consumes a major part of the daily work day.

By sunrise the village women and the men are floating small wooden boats down the river and, carrying large nets attached to poles, they drag the net through the water to scoop up the fish and dump them into the hull of the boat. On a good day, the boat is near sinking from the weight of the catch.

At home in the village, those too old to fish are building fires & youngsters are whittling skewers. The women have…

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