Alick Boyer, photographer

From 1 Artist 2 Another

“I won’t stop pushing myself to get better at what I love.”

alicksidewpAlick Boyer, photographer

Alick Boyer is from Lincolnshire UK.  His photographic vision is nostalgic, yet contemporary.  With his growing body of work, I feel a timeless quality.  But I also feel his presence in every shot of a very personal and richly colored world. – Douglas

Artist Statement

Thank you for stopping by my photography feature on from1artist2another, though I won’t jabber on too much or to long about myself I’ll give you the run down. My names Alick, I, as you may have already guessed, love photography. I spent 3 years at college studying, photographing, writing and displaying my work. I love to photograph most things, from people, to places, to objects and nature. Though I yet to get paid for my work, or do it professionally I won’t stop pushing myself to get better at…

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