Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

HugeSS1When I started this art business, it couldn’t have been at a more oportune time.  The housing market was on fire and people were buying and selling like crazy.  All of that moving and redecorating kept me super busy.  I worked 16 hour days sometimes just to keep up!  My income was only limited by my ability to work and the time needed.  Back then I was only selling originals which meant a lot of physical labor for me.  I definitely paid a price for that, but the profit I was making was out of this World.

Then it all came crashing down. The bubble burst!

Like many artists I found myself lost and barely able to stay afloat for many years.  I had thousands of dollars worth of supplies sitting in my studio, but no one was buying much.  I kept creating, but watched so many paintings languish in storage.  I had sales…

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