One Photo Focus – July REPOSTED

Laura Macky Photography

I inadvertently posted this a few days ago so I rescheduled it to post today which is the day it should’ve posted. Sorry if a lot of you have already seen it!!

It’s that time again….One Photo Focus is here! Every month Stacy gives us a photo and we edit it to comeup with our own take. Below you’ll find my image as well as the original which was provided byRobin Kent, so thanks Robin to a really fun image this month! And if you have time, check out Stacy’s blog to see everyone’s submissions. Quite fun to see what everyone comes up with.

I wonder if my recent viewing of Jurassic World had anything to do with my edit lol.


1. Inserted two dinosuars…of the walking and flying sort.

2. Isolated white house and reduced the brightness of it so the image felt more balanced.


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