Walking On W.A.T.E.R…

Walking on W.A.T.E.R…..Sharon Cummings #beach #art

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


If I could walk on water…If I could find some way to prove…If I could walk on water would you…believe in me…my love is so true.  Ok this post isn’t about Eddie Money, but his song definitely comes to mind when I think about walking on water.  Oddly more than it makes me think of Jesus.  When I was a little girl I marveled at the long piers that dot our Florida beaches.  There was something magical about walking way out into the ocean and looking around.  It got you closer to the sea birds, the dolphins and fish.  It was simply amazing to “walk on water”.  Even as an adult I get a little giddy when I walk out onto a pier.  This piece is a reminder of a wonderful vacation in Naples, FL.  Enjoy!

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