Thursday’s Art D.E.A.L.S.!

Thursday’s Art Deals! #art #dogs #pigs

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

From now until the New Year, I will be bring Thursday Art Deals to all of my fans. Stay tuned for a piece you just can’t live without! Today’s offerings include “Never Forgotten” for all of those that miss their beloved dogs who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. The mark up is as low as it goes as I am not looking to make a bunch of money on this piece. Just bringing comfort to those in need.

The second special is my all time popular “Squeal Appeal”. Who doesn’t love a good pig? 🙂 Even better at 50% off of retail!  Just click on the words below each piece to see these amazing deals!


LOWEST PRICE AVAILABLE to just bring relief for doggie loss grief.


You Can P.I.G. Out On This Squeal Of A Deal!

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