Why Even Have An Art Blog?

#art blogging by Sharon Cummings, artist.

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

I am an artist.  I create art.  I don’t write for a living.  Someone asked me the other day why I blog.  It’s a great question!  I do not get a ton of “likes” and comments. Most of my followers are other artists and like minded creatives.  They aren’t buying my art.  So why bother?

Those that know me are aware of the fact that I do not do anything involving my art that doesn’t improve my chances of being seen by potential collectors.  So I not only blog, I share my blog with all of the available social media.  I get my blog “out there”. “In here” doesn’t do much for me.  Sometimes my shares to social media go viral. One blog got 5000 hits from StumbleUpon in one day!

Every single day I get a few thousand visits to my blog. My blog shows up in Google Search…

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