A Peace Offering…

#peace starts from within….art by Sharon Cummings, artist.

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

The World we “appear” to live in. It is not peaceful, but it is not getting worse. It has always been a violent Earth. People have been killing each other since the beginning of humankind. The big difference is that with the advent of the Internet and cell phones, we are exposed to every horrific thing that happens around the globe. Every thing big or small. We are spared nothing horrific. 1 person beheaded….130 killed by a terrorist. A woman doused in acid. Gay men hung in public. We hear about it all in gruesome detail. 100 years ago, we only knew what happened in our own little village. It seemed more peaceful back then. But it wasn’t. There have been wars and rumors of wars from the beginning. The Crusades…The Holocaust….The Spanish Inquisition….And the list goes on. Many thousands killed regularly. Native Americans wiped out in the name of…

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