Tuesday’s Sexy Seduction…

#modernart by Sharon Cummings, artist.

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

My art is not all abstract and puppies.  I do have a sexy side.  I’ve always loved the clean look of black and white artwork.  It fits into any decor.  This image titled “Seduction” was originally created over 12 years ago based on a photograph my husband took of me.  I have “marblized” it here.

Unfortunately, this beautiful piece has ended up on some clip art sites illegally.  Never use clip art online.  You can find yourself slapped with a copyright infringement case. Clip art sites need content, so they steal it from legitimate artists.  They have a disclaimer in the fine print which says you can only look at it, but people never read those notices and think it’s o.k. to use on their website or other promotional material. I’ve even had another artist use this image and try to call it their own.  It’s how you get sued.  I…

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