Stoned Again…..

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings



Stone Rock’d that is…..I just cannot seem to get rid of these crabs!  Growing up in Florida, crabs have always been a big part of my life.  As a child I romped freely on Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota Florida.  Crabs would often come ashore and I was completely fascinated.  The little fiddler crabs were great fun to watch scurry about, but Stone Crabs are especially interesting because they have one claw that is significantly larger than the other.  Funny looking creatures.  A gourmet delight in many restaurants they are ecologically sustainability harvested here just for their claws.  These guys can regrow their claws so when the fishermen take one it grows back.  How cool is that!  I found it both amusing and fitting to Stone Rock a stone crab…I love to paint and create and there is no end to inspiration on our planet!  The shape for this…

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