Flowers & Fish (They’re Connected!)

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


I am still working on fish and flowers.  Ever since 5th grade Science class, we all learned that everything is connected in the ecosystem.  We also know that rain makes flowers grow.  But did you know that fish also make them thrive?

According to a study by University of Florida’s ecologist Robert Holt, fish are integral in the life cycle of flowers.  It all starts around the pond where bees pollinate nearby flowers.  Dragonflies prey on bees and you guessed it:  Fish eat the dragonflies.  So less fish means more dragonflies which means less bees.  Less bees equals less pollination.  Without pollination the flowers do not survive.   

So, while fish don’t actually pollinate flowers, they have a strong indirect influence in this environment. This doesn’t mean that fish in general influence the flower population worldwide, but it does suggest that waterside plants in certain ecosystems could be affected by…

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