Seeking Balance…

Seeking Balance
#art #balance #yinyang

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


I always know when I am not leading a balanced life. My OCD kicks in and I start to obsess about things like Twitter, Pinterest and Fine Art America. I check my phone for updates too much and I stare at my computer screen a lot more than is healthy. My art is my passion and I create for the joy of discovery, but I also run a full-time business. My duties include but are not limited to:  painting, photography, data entry, marketing, public affairs, inventory, custodial, packaging, bookkeeping and customer service. Whenever I hear a 9 to 5er complaining about overtime, I just chuckle to myself. Most people do not know what true overtime is! But today I am taking a break. After I finish a few of my daily tasks, I am going to take care of “me”.  Mani Pedi here I come!






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