IT’S cONcept.U.AL ……. get it?

Strong and thought provoking!

Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Visual & Verbal Reflections

Conceptual photography is an art form in and of itself. It’s aim is to instantly speak volumes to the minds of viewers. This type of photography doesn’t come naturally to me but what I’ve noticed is that when something moves me emotionally my conceptual work develops easily.

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Jo Ann Tomaselli

The Cost of Freedom  I made this image after the Sandy Hook school shootings NFS ‘The Cost of Freedom’ I made this image after the Sandy Hook school shootings NFS

A Glass Bowl filled with nails and a silver spoon Image Art by Fine Art Photographer Jo Ann Tomaselli Breakfast of Champions

The question 'Still Smoking?' are block printed in sand with a question mark and a cigarette butt nearby.  Best Buy this Image Art  at Yes, I’m Still Smoking. Are You Still Judging?' size='20'><img src='' alt='Art Prints the word Love on a spoon in a glass bowl best buy' title='Love in a bowl art prints for-sale online' style='border: none;'></a> U R What U Eat ~ Love

A chain is wrapped around a gun conceptual image art for-sale online Chained To Our Guns

A clenched fist sculpture carved in sandstone.  Best buy image art online Resistance. Power. Strength.

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Visual & Verbal Reflections

All of my images are original work, copyrighted and as such, are protected by US and International Copyright laws.


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