Winds Of Change

Transforming Lives Through Creativity

Winds of Change-Aazam-Irilian Aazam Irilian–Winds of Change

 Winds of Change, was the first time I allowed myself to be fully immersed in the creative process. To turn off the critical voice and allow the creative energy to come through—to dance through my hands and fingers and take shape onto the canvas. Winds of change became about my experiences of the space and the emotions and feelings that were aroused by being in that space. It was about being fully present, becoming one with my surrounding and feel the life energy as it flows through everything—becoming one with all.

The following excerpts are from my journal during the time I was painting several pieces in this series.

aazamirilian-Breath Aazam Irilian–Breath

 The change is in the air. I can feel it in my heart and the bottom of my stomach. Approaching the canvas, my hands and fingers, covered with pigment are not just moving on the canvas but…

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