Finally some little birdies

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Emily Carter ~ Nature as Art

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get some lovely bird images. Not birding as much and waiting for the fall migration to begin, things have been a bit slow. It doesn’t help that the few warblers that are buzzing around have been far and elusive.

This morning I headed out with the Feathered Friends Meetup Group in hopes of finding some migrating warblers. Alas, the woods and fields were fairly quiet, but then the sound of an Eastern Towhee began its call. Seems a very cooperative female decided to sing in the morning and posed beautifully on a variety of perches for us.


Coming back full circle to the visitors center, a small bushy tree had some ripe dark blue berries on it. Seemed to be quite the favorite for several Red Eyed Vireos. We were able to stay and wait for them to feel more comfortable…

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