July 17th 2014 Carlton Complex Wildfire Plume Of Smoke

Carlton Complex Wildfire
#nature #fire #methowvallet

Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

July 17th 2014 Carlton Complex Plume Wildfire Art by Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.com

On July 14th 2014, we were driving home through a Thunderstorm and witnessed multiple lightning strikes and heard the ominous rumblings of thunder all around us. Passing through Carlton we saw a fresh spot of fire on a hillside visible from Highway 153. I was struck by the idea that this small fire might turn into something much larger if it was not put out soon. Little did I know at the time there were many more small fires started by lightning that evening. Over the course of a few days many of these small fires were fanned into a much larger complex of burning acreage that came to be known as the Carlton Complex. Starting Monday, getting big by Wednesday, we lost power on Thursday and by Friday more than 300 homes were lost to the flames. The fire would eventually cover 256,108 acres (400.2 sq mi; 1,036 km2). We had…

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