Art and Life

Art and Life

Exploring the Depth of Living


What is the meaning of a painting, music or poetry?
It is expression. It is a form of communication. If that expression is capable of touching someone, even the author itself, then that piece becomes “extraordinary.”

Expression has no boundaries, unless the artist has boundaries within.
When there is an “I” creating art. a boundary is already made and the ability to be in the “zone of creation” will be limited.

When there is no “I” creation is limitless. Expression is boundless and communication is all there is.

Painting is capable of taking someone away from self-absorption. The story of the “I” with all its drama and baggage will be gone in that moment and the object, the canvas, is “what is.”
In fact, painting is just like meditation. It allows our consciousness to move away from the self-absorbed “I.”

“Creation” occurs when self-absorption is not.

If we “frame” ourselves…

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