Birch Trees in the Woods – Featured Art Print


Birch Trees in the WoodsBirch Trees in the Woods

I don’t think its any secret that I love the beauty of nature. I love to experience it, hike in it and look at it. Most of my inspirations come from my venturing out and looking at the beauty around us and trying to capture it. The art print I am featuring today celebrates just such subtle beauty. I chose “ Birch Trees in the Woods” from my Landscape Oil Collection. This particular art print is from one of my many hikes last year in the Issaquah area of Washington. Issaquah is now an eastern suburb of Seattle, but started as a town located in the foothills of the mountains far away from the big city of Seattle. It has kept most of its rustic charm and preserved the natural beauty around it with all of the forest-covered foothills. There are an abundance of hiking…

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