Not So Angry Birds

Not So Angry Birds

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


Growing up, my Mom always admonished me to “never feed the seagulls!”  For one thing they may poop on your head and for another they can become aggressive and come for food that you have not released from your hands yet. Then Alfred Hitchcock came out with the movie “The Birds” which further instilled the idea that these creatures were angry little monsters.  The truth is that I have been around these beauties of the beach my whole life and I have never been attacked.  Yes, I have fed them (shhhhh….don’t tell Mom!).  I find them to be shy and aloof most of the time.  To photograph them, you have to be quiet and move gently.  It is true that they will swarm for food, but that is just normal animal behavior.  In this photographic art piece I try to capture their beauty and gentleness.  These two look to be dancing…

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