A New S.O.N.G…

A New S.O.N.G…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


“Sweet Song”

Mixed Media Painting/Collage

Sharon Cummings


So many changes are occurring in my life right now.  My body and mind are maturing as expected, but I am referring to other things.  My little girl is moving out onto her college campus this week (a room became available).  I am so proud of her as she has had to deal with Asperger’s, but is spreading her wings beautifully.  My husband is well integrated and delighted with his new position as department chair.  I am anticipating a move to a new city where ART is what is happening.  A move away from Tampa where art is just an afterthought.  Even though I enjoy my online artsy buddies, I look forward to lots of “in person” artist friends.  My artwork is evolving in so many ways and I have new ideas coming which will be unveiled next year.  I am getting…

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