Back To The Future…

Back To The Future…

Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

Tinkerbell by Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik


Welcome back to my blog today. It is Cyber Monday and everywhere there are awesome deals on prints and shipping, products, etc. You are welcome to browse through any of the links to my online galleries and promotions. Use discount code XXMTUZ and get 50% off on any item in my Online Portfolio.

In July of this year we moved to Boise Idaho and started a new chapter in our lives. In 2015 I will again start another new chapter in my life (stay tuned for exciting news). Between now and then I will be writing about my early work and working on my new projects. The journey I am embarking on will lead me to the next phase of my life and for now I can’t show any of my new work. It is TOP SECRET and really exciting. I will share progress reports as this new…

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