Have It Y.O.U.R. Way…

Have It Y.O.U.R. Way…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

GreatDaneFB“Colorful Great Dane”

Mixed Media Painting/Collage

Sharon Cummings


People ask me regularly for custom work, so I thought I would post a little blog explaining the process.  I do accept commissions as pet portraits (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, donkeys, goats, you name it!), but it has to be a piece that I WANT to create first and foremost.  After desire, I also need good clear photos to work from. Small grainy cell phone shots just will not work.  And I need to see the EYES really well.  There should be light and life in them.

Once a clients sends me a handful of clear head shots of their beloved pet, I decide if any of the images will work. If so, then I charge a creative fee to work on the piece.  For instance, the one pictured above would cost 40.00 for me to create. I accept PayPal and credit cards…

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