I Remember Where I Come From In Order To Live There Now ~Omaste Witkowski

I Remember Where I Come From In Order To Live There Now ~Omaste Witkowski

Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

Work in Progress Cosmic Consciousness

Today’s work is centered in the Earth and located in an alternate reality at the same time. Both world’s are present and accounted for. The very base of the Root Chakra is melting into the energies of the world and lighting a fire throughout humanity. Coordinating with this is the soothing energies of Home.

I really love this light brownish layer I created with an Oil Paint Filter. I stared with a color that I picked from the background design. Then I apply the filter and adjust settings to show more or less color, brushstrokes etc. Once I had this layer I made it about 90% transparent. This way you see a bit of the underlying design below the brushstrokes. For me it gives the sense of another world waiting below the surface.

Stay tuned for tomorrows reveal of the last layer and color that I choose to complete my…

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