What will you visualize for yourself today?

What will you visualize for yourself today?

Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

Thinking Big Abstract Inspirational Art by Omashte

“Look at things not as they are, but as they will be. Visualization adds value to everything. A big thinker always visualizes what can be done in the future.” ~David Schwartz

I am finding this to be true in my own life. Every action I take has been a visualized thought brought into reality. What I think about it in a day is what I make happen in a day. Sure there are random events and things out of my control and I do factor those in, but for the most part my day will unfold as exactly as I want it to. The more I slow down my thought processes and identify the unconscious urges, the clearer it all becomes. I am feeling depths of calm and wisdom I didn’t know existed. Disagreements are just opportunities for me to choose what I want to believe and then exist within…

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